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The goals pursued by public universities do not lie in mere pedagogical instruction of students, but should also include an intensive focus on the development of science. One of the ways to facilitate such a development is to provide a platform for scholars to meet and for academic circles to encounter with professionals from practice. The organisation of scientific conferences may help achieve this goal in addition to many different smaller forms. Every year the Faculty of Law MU holds several conferences, from international ones and conferences involving the entire Faculty and down to conferences held by individual departments.

The Faculty’s largest conference is the autumn Days of Law, which attracted more than 400 participants in 2009. One third of them came from abroad (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Russia). Its spring term counterpart is represented by the COFOLA conference conceived as an event held by doctoral students and intended for doctoral and Master’s degree students and young researchers. The Cyber-Space held in autumn is another well established conference.

The Faculty also organises a number of conferences at the level of individual departments (Environmental seminar, Health care workers and law, Czech law and information technologies, Labour law 2009, History of international private law, Topical issues in consumer law and many more).

Electronic versions of conference proceedings are freely accessible at the web portal of the Faculty of Law MU for the broad professional public and represent a sought-after information source.