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Lawyr.it is a peer-reviewed legal journal consisting of articles written on legal issues from several fields, also covering other topics that address different needs of students. Through our website and magazine, we provide a platform for any student from Central and Eastern Europe to publish their ideas, as we consider that the young minds of law students coming from all over the region can offer a fresh perspective and valuable solutions to different legal issues .

Lawyr.it was carefully crafted, having in mind the needs of law students and the market demands. We offer students the chance to stand out, the pathway to becoming outstanding. They have the opportunity to be part of a unique project created to foster critical thinking, debate, and reform . They will be able to connect with lawyers and legal professionals from the CEE, and, more importantly, they will be able to use and build on the knowledge they have acquired so far.

The project also has a significant educational side . We approach every piece of content in a constructive manner, focusing on how the authors can improve in terms of content and structure, and we prepare extensive feedback for all authors whose articles have not been published. Moreover, we are always open for any questions that law students may have at any moment and which are related to writing legal focus articles.

Finally, we develop particular projects, in order to create the platform for members of the editorial team to develop other skills, such as research (e.g. Lawyr.it Dictionary), as well as to serve specific needs of the large law students community (e.g. Opportunities or Lawyr.it Newsletter).