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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Law is one of the Czech Republic’s four public faculties of law. Its history begins to unfold a short time after World War I. The Faculty of Law has enjoyed happy periods of scientific and pedagogical fruitfulness, but has also been through many hardships. Its history features both exceptional progress and decades when the school was closed.

The present Faculty of Law of Masaryk University can be described as:

  • A modern, dynamic college focusing on pedagogical activities hand in hand with scientific research;
  • An important educational centre which prepares its students for their professional life in many different fields. The school educates future lawyers who acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge or skills and select a specialisation during the studies;
  • A school which, within the range of compulsory and optional subjects, offers its students a wide range of knowledge and, at the same time, the first school of law in the Czech Republic to introduce a systematic clinical and practical teaching of legal skills;
  • An institution where the terms of "research activities" and "scientific research" are not notions devoid of any meaning;
  • A school making tens of contacts with foreign professionals and educational and scientific institutions both at the individual and institutional level;
  • An institution providing outstanding background for students as well as its academic staff.