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ITC – problem handling


Network and electronic mail problems:

All problems with wireless and fixed network and electronic mail are solved by:

Martin Knotek
tel.: 549 49 4962
e-mail: Martin.Knotek(zavinac)law.muni.cz

Workstations equipped with OS Windows:

All workstations with OS Windows (both students' and staff's workstations) are administrated by:

Zdeněk Hájek
tel.: 549 49 4026
e-mail: Zdenek.Hajek(zavinac)law.muni.cz

Document printing:

All problems with printing documents in classrooms, transferring money to accounts, cancelling printing tasks etc. are solved by:

Ing. Aleš Kotula
tel.: 549 49 1207
e-mail: Ales.Kotula(zavinac)law.muni.cz

Intranet of the Faculty of Law:

The intranet of the Faculty of Law is only available for the Faculty’s staff. All problems of the intranet are solved by the main programmer and system administrator:

Ing. Milan Kolka, Ph.D.
tel.: 549 49 4280
e-mail: Milan.Kolka(zavinac)law.muni.cz


Contact the webmaker if you wish to add, remove or modify something on the Faculty’s web site, i.e. any page whose URL begins with http://www.law.muni.cz. Problems falling within this group are managed by:

Ing. Milan Kolka, Ph.D.
tel.: 549 49 4280
e-mail: webmaker(zavinac)law.muni.cz

Information system:

Students are required to contact the respective officer to deal with standard problems with the Information System (registering subjects, logging in seminar groups, enrolling for examinations etc.).

Assistance for people working for the university in use of IS MU:

Bc. Tereza Dřevová
tel: 549 49 6842
e-mail: Tereza.Drevova(zavinac)law.muni.cz 

E-learning support:

Support for e-learning in the IS provided by:

Kateřina Bulová
tel.: 549 49 3176
e-mail: Katerina.Bulova(zavinac)law.muni.cz