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Studies and education

Law is the principal field of study at the Faculty of Law MU and is only offered full-time in the Law and Jurisprudence Master's degree study programme. The study lasts five years and successful graduates are awarded the degree of Master (Mgr.).

The portfolio of Master’s programmes is enhanced with the Public Administration follow-up programme. This programme lasts two years and is only offered in the full-time mode. Successful graduates from Bachelor’s degree programmes are admitted to this programme.

The Faculty of Law MU offers a three-year Bachelor's degree programme Legal Specialisation in a combined mode of study. The gist of the programme lies in preparing students for the performance of non-lawyer occupations. Successful graduates are awarded the degree of Bachelor (Bc.).

The Law Master’s degree study programme graduates who have acquired the degree of Master (Mgr.) may take the Advanced Master’s State Examination at the Faculty of Law MU and defend their theses. Those who pass this examination are awarded the degree of JUDr.

The Faculty of Law MU also offers Theoretical Legal Sciences doctoral study programme in 11 fields, both in full-time and combined form. The doctoral study is certified as a four-year study programme and successful graduates receive the degree of Ph.D.

All of the above-mentioned Master’s and Bachelor’s degree study programmes are also offered in the form of lifelong learning. Their forms and educational plans fully conform to the certified Master’s or Bachelor’s degree study programmes.

The Faculty of Law MU cooperates with Nottingham Trent University, Great Britain, on practically focused LL.M (corporate law) study programme and the Master of Public Administration study programme. Both programmes are conceived as two-year programmes and graduates receive the degrees of LL.M or MPA, respectively. The degree is awarded and diploma issued by our partner British university.

Study programmes and fields of study

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