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General Information

The doctoral degree programme of “Theoretical Legal Sciences” at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University is taught only in Czech in all fields.

Doctoral Degree Programme at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University

Admission Requirements

Aplication Fees

Application Deadline

Entrance examinations and their schedule

Doctoral Degree Programme at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University

The Faculty of Law, Masaryk University offers the doctoral degree programme of Theoretical Legal Science divided in 12 study fields:  

  • History of the Law and Roman Law
  • Theory of Law
  • Constitutional Law and Theory of State
  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Administrative and Environmental Law
  • Financial Law and Financial Science
  • Criminal Law
  • Labour Law
  • International Private Law
  • International and European Law
  • Law of Information and Communication Technologies

 The regular duration of the doctoral degree programme is 4 years. The study is performed in full-time or combined form. The study is intended for holders of the Master’s degrees and it is completed by receiving a title “doctor”, in short Ph.D.

At the Faculty of Law the doctoral degree programme is pursued according to the individual study plans under the guidance of a supervisor. The supervisor is appointed to a concrete student after his/her enrolment according to the doctoral thesis topic. The topic of a doctoral thesis is chosen by student himself/herself or after consultation with a chairperson of the Doctoral Commission of the given field. 

Admission Requirements 

The applicant who has met all requirements of entrance examinations (e.g. he/she has successfully completed entrance examinations, achieved a certain ranking among other applicants) is admitted to the doctoral degree programme. In accordance with section 50 par. 7 of the Higher Education Act an applicant may file an appeal within 30 days of receiving a negative admission decision.

 Application Fees

 Admission fees are set at 400 CZK per application. Applicants are required to pay a fee for every submitted application. Data for payment is generated by the system after completion of each application. The payment is to be made via the Shopping Centre, in the case of multiple applications, a common payment may be made. No proof of payment document will be sent to the faculty, each applicant must save it individually. The fee will not be refunded to applicants who fail to attend the entrance examination. 

 Application Deadline

 An application may be submitted electronically at http://is.muni.cz/prihlaska/. A deadline for the submission of electronic application is set by 30 April of each year. An application is considered as ubmitted only in the case that this application is completely filled and the admission fee is paid by 24:00 of 30 April.   

 Entrance Examinations and their Schedule

Entrance examinations are taking place in June. The exact date is to be found in the Declared Requirements for the Given Academic Year.