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Student feedback and references

Mgr. Jan Brož (BLC 2015 graduate)

I chose BLC course because I was attracted by genuine knowledge of different law and thinking about law so typical for Common law legal system. Although (or perhaps just because) the course was frankly really time-consuming to prepare for and the exams were not so easy, my expectations were definitely at least fulfilled: I gained from it different as well as very useful thinking about the law and undoubtedly great improvement of my legal English, too.

I especially would like to emphasize all lecturers who I had the opportunity to meet during the course, because they are kind, friendly and smart people with pedagogical talent, as well as they are all really interested in teaching and they are also to help you anytime by the e-mail.

Tereza Vaculíková (BLC 2016 graduate)

Studying BLC course was one of the best decisions I could have made during my years at the faculty so far. This course had a great impact on my view of the legal world, and taught me to analyze a situation from a different point of view, to be more concentrated about facts of a case and go deeper to find all relevant elements. Common law system is not about memorizing the law, but more about understanding basic principles and ability to use them at the right moment. During the course you will not read codes and their articles, but a lot of real cases and identify their facts. I believe that in order to analyse and identify legal issues, it is useful to have broad legal overview and understanding of various legal worlds. Moreover, you can compare studying some modules, e.g. international law, EU law, with studying them at our university within a continental law system, which is a great opportunity to see the differences and learn the best out of both systems.

Regarding a form of the modules, students have to prepare for seminars in a way of reading workbooks compiled by the tutors, and also reading some cases. The workbooks are very comprehensive, everything is shown on real cases, so students can understand it much easier and faster, they can see how it actually works. Tutorials are very interactive and participation of students is expected, especially during discussions.

It takes a lot of time and preparation, but you will not regret making this decision. Personally, I am very happy I could tak part in the BLC program and I can only recommend it to others.